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I see "No input file specified" in my browser when launching iPanel/iHost


I see "No input file specified" in my browser when launching iPanel/iHost


This is a problem with your server, not iPanel. To understand why, it helps to understand how requests are handled by your server when you bring up a page in your web browser.

  1. Browser connects to Apache, says "I want to receive the page /billing/client/index.php"
  2. Apache looks up the path for /billing/client/index.php and makes sure it exists
  3. Apache fires up PHP, and says "I need you to run /billing/client/index.php, and then send me back the HTML"
  4. PHP opens /billing/client/index.php and reads the script it contains
  5. PHP passes control to the script (iPanel in this case) which runs and generates its HTML, and passes that HTML back to PHP
  6. PHP sends the HTML back to Apache.
  7. Apache sends it back to your browser.

This is of course heavily oversimplified, but generally that's how a normal request works. The problem in your case is that in step 4, PHP is saying that Apache never told it which script to run.

As illustrated above, this takes place BEFORE PHP ever passes control to iPanel, so there's nothing in iPanel that could cause this problem. As such, you'll need to contact your systems administrator and ask him to look into this problem for you. This error always indicates an Apache/PHP issue of some sort, likely related to using PHP in CGI mode, or FastCGI.