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iHost | Feature List


  • Automatic, unattended order handling
  • Customizable order forms
  • Tax support
  • Coupon system
  • Custom order form fields
  • Custom referral options with reporting
  • Built-in affiliate/referral system
  • Powerful fraud screening system
  • Optional CAPTCHA support


  • HTML and PDF invoices
  • Support for many payment gateways
  • Support for manual and batch credit card processing
  • Optional automatic provisioning upon payment

Provisioning and Servers

  • Support for multiple servers potentially running multiple control panels
  • Network status and notification of services are down


  • One-time or automatic recurring billing
  • Support for shipping and setup fees
  • Support for free packages
  • Support for package add-ons
  • Group packages for convenient browsing
  • Inventory control support for packages
  • Support for package-specific client file downloads
  • Configurable email templates


  • Create and manage clients accounts
  • Create and manage client invoices
  • Powerful search system
  • Suspend/unsuspend, and delete client accounts
  • Flexible staff permissions support
  • Earnings and order reports
  • User IP logging with email/IP address banning


  • Built-in helpdesk system
  • Built-in knowledge base system
  • Support for multiple ticket queues
  • Support for multiple support representatives
  • Support for piping emails (via POP3) into tickets


  • Mobile interface for handheld devices
  • Dedicated/VPS server support
  • Email queue for reliable invoice/notification delivery
  • Support for importing accounts from control panels
  • Internationalization support
  • Alternate currency support