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iHost Update

May 16, 2017

iHost v3.3.4 has been released with a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed bug in which domain validation during registration may fail
  • Fix glitch in recurrence cron job debug output
  • Clarify unverified status during logins
  • Don't allow clients to add paid packages to unverified accounts
  • Don't archive admin pending emails
  • Don't archive ticket notification emails
  • Don't archive upgrade processed email
  • Handle batch processing corner cases
  • Updates required for Authorize.net API changes

Download the updated version of iHost in your client area at centova.com.

More iPanel, iHost Updates

April 28, 2016

iPanel v4.3.1 and iHost v3.3.1 have been released with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Changes in this release include:

  • Date/time format is now configurable
  • Added options to limit max free orders per client
  • Improved performance of credit card batch operations
  • Improved handling of misconfigured URL-to-self scenarios
  • Fixed regression breaking server monitoring code
  • Fixed regression causing error in account management page
  • Added missing database updates for certain features
  • Added additional language strings
  • Fix character encoding issue in PDF invoices
  • Fix regression in admin module
  • Fixed event log user context during account package updates
  • Fixed regression in server status updater
  • Improve email address validation regular expressions
  • Fixed potential error when logging data in Stripe gateway
  • Improved provision template verbiage

Download the updated versions of iPanel or iHost in your client area at centova.com.

New iPanel, iHost Updates

March 29, 2016

iPanel v4.3.0 and iHost v3.3.0 have been released with a number of new features, improvements, and fixes.

Changes in this release include:

  • Add Stripe payment gateway
  • Add payment details support
  • Add chargeback settlement support to PayPal payment gateway
  • Add missing countries to country list
  • Add support for providing quotes to clients
  • Add proactive payment interface for clients
  • Add API events when account contacts are created/updated/deleted
  • Add option to suppress CC batch reports
  • Add support for account profile histories
  • Add contact viewer
  • Add more translatable strings
  • Improve invoice viewer
  • Improve credit card management
  • Improve display of PayPal recurring payment details
  • Improve email and hostname validation throughout iPanel
  • Tickets now are reopened when replies are received via email
  • Remove subscriptions upon account deletion
  • Increase password field length
  • Only show terminated packages to clients for 60 days after termination
  • Improve subscription recurrence period calculation
  • Retry mail delivery to secondary addresses if primary fails
  • Account register now displays better payment gateway info
  • Don't treat early-warning-stage invoices as past-due
  • Manually applying a payment now updates invoice paid statuses
  • Improve performance of account list search
  • Many improvements to checkout form
  • Fix warning when viewing accounts when no payments exist
  • Fix overly-restrictive staff restrictions in event log viewer
  • Replace payment form with dynamically-rendered payment interface
  • Fix bug in which invoices may incorrectly remain upaid upon account cancellation

Download the updated versions of iPanel or iHost in your client area at centova.com.

iPanel, iHost Updated

January 21, 2014

iPanel v4.2.1 and iHost v3.2.1 have been released to fix a critical issue in the handling of PayPal payments, caused by recent changes to PayPal's servers.

We strongly recommend that all clients upgrade as soon as possible to avoid any interruption in PayPal service.

iHostDev Acquisition

August 22, 2013

Centova Technologies acquired the assets of iHostDev, including the iHost, iPanel, and iAds products, in August of 2013.

While development on the iHostDev product line has been stagnant for several years and requires some updating, we are pleased to be able to resume development and look forward to modernizing the products as time permits.