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Ices0: My ices process is using a very large amount of CPU time


I am using Ices v0.4 as my streaming source, and my ices process is using a very large amount of CPU time. How do I correct this?


Under normal operating conditions and with transcoding disabled, ices0 will use next to no CPU time to stream your audio.

The most common cause for high CPU usage in ices0 is enabling stream re- encoding. Specifically, this includes:

In v3:

  • Turning on the "Re-encoding" option on any mount point on the Mount Points tab

In v2:

  • Turning on cross-fading
  • Forcing a specific number of channels or specific sample rate (eg: setting these options to other than 0 in the Centova Cast configuration editor).

Using any of the above features can make ices0's CPU usage increase from under 1% to as much as 40-50% (depending on the speed of your server).

The solution to the above problem is to disable the offending features and restart your stream.