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Creating New Accounts

New accounts may be created using the New account link near the top of the page. The New Account dialog prompts for the following options:

  • Type
    Specifies the type of account which should be created:

    • User - Specifies that a user account should be created. This option is used to set up new streaming accounts.
    • Reseller - Specifies that a reseller account should be created. Reseller accounts are much like limited administrator accounts, and can independently create and manage their own user accounts.
    • From template - Specifies that the account should be created based on an Account Template you have already created. Consult the Account Templates section for more information about account templates.
  • Template
    Specifies the account template to use to create the account. This option is only available if From template is selected in the Type field.

  • Host
    Specifies the hosting server on which the account should be created. Leaving this option set to Automatically choose best will choose the server which has the fewest existing accounts.

  • Server Type
    Indicates the type of server software to use for the account -- currently, ShoutCast2, ShoutCast, and IceCast are supported. Note that Centova Cast will only display server types which have been installed and enabled on your server.

  • AutoDJ Type
    Indicates the type of autoDJ software to use for the account. Note that Centova Cast will only display autoDJ types which have been installed and enabled on your server and are compatible with the Server type you have chosen above.

After setting your account options, click the Create button to proceed to the account editor to create your new account.

The account editor interface is described under User Account Settings for user accounts, and under Reseller Account Settings for reseller accounts.